App will say how much gas is left

Truma LevelControl will be introduced in August 2017 and the company says that it will determine the gas level precisely via the Truma App. Customers get a detailed overview of their gas supply showing the filling level as a percentage and the amount of gas in kilograms, it also tells the user how long the gas will last.

The device uses ultrasound to measure how much gas there is in the cylinder and sends this data to the Truma iNet Box via Bluetooth. The iNet Box then transfers the information to the user’s tablet or smartphone. This takes place in or near the vehicle with Bluetooth or via SMS if the user is outside the Bluetooth range.

LevelControl thus allows users to check how much gas they have and how long it will last conveniently from the living area or the awning of their RV or even while hiking or skiing – from up to four smartphones or tablets at the same time. It’s also possible to set up an SMS alert so campers will automatically receive a text message when the cylinder is nearly empty.

Gas cylinder database for the whole of Europe

Truma LevelControl can be used virtually everywhere in Europe: it works with all common European steel and aluminium cylinders. Customers can select their country and individually select and name their cylinder type from 26 models in the database on the Truma App. If a cylinder is not included in the database, customers can enter it themselves. The sensor then automatically configures the device to suit the selected cylinder.

“We designed the database so it can easily be adapted and extended in the future,” explains Bernd Gerlach, Head of European Retail Management. If you have two cylinders on board and want to keep a close eye on your gas supplies, you can use two LevelControl devices parallel to each other. In this case, the Truma App shows the filling level of each cylinder separately. Simple and practical Truma LevelControl is ready for immediate use: it is simply attached to the middle of the cylinder base with the integrated magnets, without the need for cables, connections or installation! The device only has to be paired with the iNet Box in the vehicle. Truma also provides a clamping sheet to attach the device beneath aluminium cylinders. LevelControl runs on batteries and already fulfils the latest explosion protection specifications in accordance with the future requirements of DIN EN 1949. It can therefore safely be used inside the gas compartment. An SMS alert tells you when the AAA batteries, which last for about a year, need to be replaced. LevelControl extends the Truma iNet System with a useful new function. “This is one more step towards the networked RV, which makes camping simpler and more comfortable,” says Gerlach. 


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