App may aid with parking and leveling

Truma has introduced an app which as well as giving fast access to user manuals, brief instructions, tips and how-to-videos in German, English, French or Italian.  It also has an integrated search tool that allows authorised Truma dealers and service partners to be located very quickly. To do this, the app uses the user's current location or searches in a specific region according to town or postal code. The results are shown on a map and also as a list which states the distance and the address.

It also has two camping tools: Where is the best place for my vehicle? Where is the sun at what time? The Truma sun dial helps select the right position and slot for the vehicle via a compass that shows where and when the sun rises and sets and where it reaches its highest point. The Truma app also has a vehicle levelling function to ensure that the caravan or motorcaravan is as horizontal as you are likely to get it. Place the smartphone on the floor of the vehicle, enter the axle distance and the app will guide you through the levelling process with brief voice instructions and acoustic signals.

The Truma app is available for smartphones and tablets and is suitable for both Android and iOS systems. It can be downloaded free of charge in the Apple App Store and in Google Play.



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