AntiFlap minimizes the aggravating buffeting of awnings

Nearly every camper knows the problem: Depending on the winds direction or strength the awning of a caravan or a mobile home starts buffeting. Thus creating a quite aggravating and sometimes loud noise, that disturbs by day and night the sleep of the camper or at least his recreational silence. Additionally the camper fears that due to the movement of the drapery a part or the whole awning will be damaged or even destroyed.

Accordingly, the Peggy Peg team in the past had taken care of the stability and security of awnings by bringing to market the ‘Fix&Go Anchor Plate 2.0’ and the ‘TieStrap’. This time the development team took care of the above mentioned nuisance in camping which is the loud and noisy flapping of the awning cloth in higher winds keeping i. e. many campers awake (not only) at night.

Presenting the newly developed 'Fix&Go Anti-Flap' awning clamp. This clamp prevents the flapping noise to the highest possible degree. At the same time, it prevents the fabric from ripping and tearing. Just slip the clamp onto the fabric, adjust the screw and securely grip the fabric by pressing down on the lever. The clamp will fix to all shapes and sizes of rafters with durable flexible silicone straps. Wider awnings can be secured with multiple 'Anti-Flaps'.

For even more security and stability, it is possible to slide the ‘T-connector’ of the optionally available ‘TieStrap’ into the side rail of the ‘Fix&Go AntiFlap’ and secure it to the ground by a screw-in anchor which will prevent the awning from lifting.

'Fix&Go Anti-Flap' is compatible with all common awning systems on the market and will work with round, oval or square rafters that your awning manufacturer supply.

The newly invented system will celebrates ist European premiere during the CMT-show 2018 at Stuttgart. After that ist will be available in the trade for the price of 49,95 Euro per a pair-set.


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