Al-Ko front axle strut can be retro fitted on most campers

The front axle strut AL-KO comfort suspension (ACS) for motorhomes on the basis of the AL-KO chassis with a Fiat power head (type X250) is now available in additional variants. The suspension strut for the front axle is now also available for all motorhomes and vans on the basis of a Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Jumper with leaf-sprung original chassis from model year 2006 onwards. As a result AL-KO is offering a significant improvement in driving comfort for the vast majority of leisure vehicle enthusiasts. Thanks to the unique and precisely tuned combination of special spring and special shock absorber (the shock absorber characteristics are specially tuned to the new suspension, resulting in a much finer match between new suspension and shock absorber) driving stability on the front axle is significantly increased and driving comfort optimised.

While production struts in van chassis frames are mostly designed for a large cargo load range, AL-KO isn’t looking for compromises, but instead offers its own high-quality solutions: The AL-KO comfort suspension front axle strut is specially designed for the constantly high loading situation of leisure vehicles. Thanks to various ACS variants, the suspension and absorption are also optimally adjusted to the ready-for-travel axle load of the individual motorhome. This fulfils the highest requirements for comfort and stability for nearly every vehicle with an actual front axle load ranging from 1,480 to 2,100 kilograms.

The optimised suspension and absorption minimise hard blows that are diverted into the caravan via the front axle. Drivers also benefit from the incisive reduction of vibrations in the steering wheel. Arms and body are noticeably relieved. Fewer vibrations in the vehicle make for a subjectively lower noise level inside the vehicle. This in turn has a positive effect on the fatigue of the occupants and on the furniture. Also the safe driving experience is reinforced by the perfect feedback from steering and road conditions. What's more, the AL-KO comfort suspension ensures better roll stability and reduces pitching considerably. Last but not least, ACS convinces with a raising of the vehicle at the front axle, depending on the design. This means an optical adjustment, in particular for vehicles with extreme trim, i.e. a significantly visible angle of inclination from the front to rear axle.

With the AL-KO comfort suspension front axle strut, AL-KO once again proves its expertise and high quality standards as one of the world's largest chassis and shock absorber manufacturers for vehicles. The high-performance strut for the front axle is optionally available for selected motorhome manufacturers. Retrofitting can be undertaken in the AL-KO customer centres South (on the A8) and North/SAWIKO (on the A1) or in authorised AL-KO chassis workshops for motorhomes. 


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