4G phone booster introduced

These days, one of the uppermost thoughts on camper-caravan travellers' minds is getting a good 4G or LTE signal so they can enjoy problem-free internet browsing, listen to music and watch films on demand. That need becomes even more pressing when travelling with a family or teenage children. Alongside Huaptec, the Chinese mobile phone tech giant with branches in the USA, Europe and India, the Italian Teleco presented its PhoneBoosterVan for the first time at Caravan Salon Dusseldorf in August 2019. This system can amplify mobile phone network signals by up to 400 times and re-transmit them inside the camper/caravan and to the surrounding area, providing four or five 4G or LTE signal bars for ultra-fast internet browsing.

Moreover, a strong signal saves battery power, as the device no longer has to search continuously for the best network; this saves energy and extends battery life. TELECO PhoneBoosterVan has no additional costs as it requires no SIM card and is compatible with all mobile phone network providers. The kit consists of an extremely compact, aerodynamic external antenna (95x85 mm) to be fitted on the camper roof, a booster device (116x98 mm) and an omnidirectional antenna that acts as a repeater for the boosted signal.

“We're confident this innovative mobile phone repeater will prove popular with European camper and caravan enthusiasts”, says Raul Fabbri, one of the two founders of the TELECO Group. “We're the first to provide such a solution and deliberately selected a technological partner with long-standing experience in the industry to allow us to develop a professional system of outstanding quality. Our booster, compatible with all mobile phone brands and all network providers, creates a 4G hot spot inside the camper and in the immediate vicinity; it also works when the vehicle is on the move”.

The system does not work with 5G.


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