Thetford revolutionises RV toilet and waste water infrastructure

27 May 2020
Thetford has announced the launch of its iNDUS system which will completely revolutionise RV waste water infrastructure and indeed RV constr
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Kosmo campervan with tent in the roof

12 February 2020
The pop-up roof with double bed is available as option for the Laika Kosmo campervan range. From the area of the rooflight, above the dinett
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Why wet wipes should not be put in a chemical (or other) toilet

13 November 2019
Wet wipes are becoming increasingly popular/  The practical helpers are mainly used as cosmetic wipes as well as for household cleaning
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Webasto introduces app for multiple heaters

12 November 2019
Parking heaters usually last the life of a car. And so do their controllers. However, the way in which controllers work is developing contin
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Thule Group : outdoor equipment since 1942

16 October 2019
In 1942, Thule Group was founded by the Thulin family, when Erik Thulin, a true lover of the outdoors, put the Thule name on a so-called pik
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Lightweight materials for van conversion

26 September 2019
In times of efficient use of resources and sustainability, lightweight construction solutions are the number one concern for the future in a
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New equipment in La Strada campers in 2020

20 September 2019
From model year 2020, all la strada motorhomes, with the exception of the Avanti M, will be fitted as standard with a new washing-cooking co
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New Fiat technology being introduced in La Strada

20 September 2019
The Fiat technology complies with the new emission regulations Euro 6d-TEMP thanks to SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technique and the
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