Hard to wild camp in California

The US may be the land of the free but this does not apply as far as your motorhome is concerned. When I lived in Santa Barbara, California, I saw motorhomes being moved on by the police quite frequently and places where carparks deliberately close at night to stop them being used by campers.  Nonetheless it was clear to me - as a camper myself - that there were people living in their vans on the seafront - something which is theoretically forbidden.

To take the case of San Luis Obispo County which is to the north of Santa Barbara, dwelling in a motor vehicle is prohibited on county roads/  According to the California Highway Patrol, a driver is allowed to park but must move after 72 hours before being towed. 

As for parking on your own residential property, then provided that local housing association rules permit it, then onecan store it on one's own property however you cannot live in it, meaning no water or sewage connection to the motorhome.  One can sleep in the motorhome only after a temporary dwelling permit is obtained.