Germany to introduce tolls

As from 2016, Germany will introduce tolls for foreign drivers costing EUR10 for ten days, EUR22 for one month or EUR130 per year. The toll will not apply to cars registered in Germany which may lead to a challenge in the European court.

I would like to put this into perspective. The cost for using the Austrian motorway is almost the same. In Switzerland it costs EUR34 and for most of us it is a one time transit although of course it is valid for one year. In France, Spain, Italy and Poland we pay per kilometre. I paid nearly nine euros for driving from Cassino to Salerno - a distance I could have covered using the normal roads in less than one hour more than it took me by motorway. Or how about the EUR14 I recently paid to drive from the German border to Łódź in Poland. For EUR10 we get to use the German motorways as much as we want over a ten day period.

Of course I would rather not pay anything - but I don't think it is expensive for what we get.