Camping Park 2012, Donetsk

In my collection of campsite photos I found two photographs of Camping Park 2012 - a new campsite opened for the Euro 2012 football tournament.  Donetsk hosted various games right through to the semi final and England played two games there although they were based in Krakow which is actually closer to the UK than to where they were playing. 

The sight of these photographs caused me some sorrow, remembering all the build up to Euro 2012 to see what has happened now.  The airport at Donetsk, built at a cost of some EUR700m and opened for Euro 2012 is now completely destroyed.

It is a pity that some people are so evil that they cannot appreciate the world around them and instead seek to ruin it.  Now rather than a nice campsites and a nice airport, we see a smouldering pile of rubble and a graveyard where the dead are buried unnamed.