Mata Hari: the myth and the maiden

26 September 2017
Exactly 100 years after the icon’s death the Museum of Friesland tells the world-famous dancer’s full story for the first time. Margaretha G
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Emperor Franz Josef of Austria Hungary : my video biography of his rule and reign

21 July 2017
Franz Josef is remembered as the Emperor of Austria Hungary - not an emperor.  He is fondly remembered by many, probably mainly in hind
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The grave of Dietrich Eckart

16 July 2017
Although largely unknown outside of Germany - or even for that matter maybe even Berchtesgaden - Dietrich Eckart is a 'philosopher' (and I u
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Reintroducing the lynx to the UK

13 July 2017
This animal is the Eurasian lynx, the largest species of lynx and which is found across Eurasia. Its conservation status is defined as Least
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Why milk from the US is banned

09 July 2017
Milk from the USA is banned in many countries around the world including neighbouring Canada, the European Union, Japan, Australia, New Zeal
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Apricot kernels pose risk of cyanide poisoning

05 March 2017
Eating more than three small raw apricot kernels, or less than half of one large kernel, in a serving can exceed safe levels accordin
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Switzerland in WW1

03 March 2017
Unlike WW2, there was no build up to WW1.  It happened suddenly.  People were enjoying their summer and within a few days the whol
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Hard to wild camp in California

01 March 2017
The US may be the land of the free but this does not apply as far as your motorhome is concerned. When I lived in Santa Barbara, California,
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Nestlé has not made Kit Kat healthier

01 December 2016
I noticed a tweet going around claiming that Kit Kat had got slightly healthier.  Curious about this I decided to investigate further a
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