The Great Synagogue in Danzig

29 March 2020
This empty plot was once the location of the former New or Great Synagogue of Danzig, now Gdańsk.  It was the largest synagogue in Danz
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Journey through northern Poland July - August 2019

26 March 2020
Once upon a time, or to be more accurate, at the last weekend in July 2019, I found myself at Hel at the very tip of the Hel Peninsula and t
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Journey through Poland, Czechia and Germany, May - June 2019

24 March 2020
I am going to present to you some of my RV tours through Europe and the places I have visited.  This is the first such film and this on
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Grafeneck : the first site of industrialised mass killing in Germany

24 March 2020
This is the former Grafeneck killing facility near Gomadingen in the Reutlingen district of Baden-Württemberg. In 1940, at least 10,654 peop
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The East Prussian Maritime Service

23 March 2020
This very pleasant beach view overlooking the Baltic Sea is Poland. In the interwar period it was the Free City of Gdańsk and before that it
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The grey buses and men who managed them

16 March 2020
This is Grafeneck chateau in Baden Wurttemberg in south western Germany.  It was one of the locations the National Socialist regime use
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Can Putin be the longest running Russian ruler?

14 March 2020
On 10 March 2020, the lower house of the Russian parliament passed a constitutional amendment allowing the presidential term limit to reset
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Bamberg Witch Trials

04 November 2018
Bamberg, a really beautiful city in northern Bavaria, undoubtedly one of the most attractive cities in Germany.  Its old town is a UNES
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Thoughts after nine months intermittent fasting

27 April 2018
I started intermittent fasting in March 2017 and since then have seen a weight drop of more than 12kilos as well as a lot more benefits wh
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Van Gogh drawing discovered

01 March 2018
A new drawing by Vincent van Gogh has been discovered: The Hill of Montmartre with Stone Quarry, dating to March 1886. T
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