Bamberg Witch Trials

04 November 2018
Bamberg, a really beautiful city in northern Bavaria, undoubtedly one of the most attractive cities in Germany.  Its old town is a UNES
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Thoughts after nine months intermittent fasting

27 April 2018
I started intermittent fasting in March 2017 and since then have seen a weight drop of more than 12kilos as well as a lot more benefits wh
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Van Gogh drawing discovered

01 March 2018
A new drawing by Vincent van Gogh has been discovered: The Hill of Montmartre with Stone Quarry, dating to March 1886. T
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Matcha - what evidence is there to back up the health claims?

22 February 2018
I was walking around Tesco and I came across some Matcha tea.  I have heard a lot about Matcha and being into health food decided to gi
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Why men need to screen for prostate cancer

02 February 2018
In January 2018 figures were released by Prostate Cancer UK which showed that prostate cancer is now the third largest killer cancer in the
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Marijuana is not as good or bad as some would have us believe

22 December 2017
A report from the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has looked into the mass of research published since 199
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Mata Hari: the myth and the maiden

26 September 2017
Exactly 100 years after the icon’s death the Museum of Friesland tells the world-famous dancer’s full story for the first time. Margaretha G
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Emperor Franz Josef of Austria Hungary : my video biography of his rule and reign

21 July 2017
Franz Josef is remembered as the Emperor of Austria Hungary - not an emperor.  He is fondly remembered by many, probably mainly in hind
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