Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles launched the Grand California at Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf.  The completely new motorhome is based on the Crafter.

The Citroën Jumper Type H WildCamp is for those that want to be noticed and have more than the usual level of eccentricity that seems to be associa

RV manufacturer Hobby ckaims that it has got the 2019 caravanning season off to a successful start.

This is the first LHD Wellhouse Ford Terrier MS-RT VR/46, 170ps auto.  Based on 340 Kombi, German SCA roof, German sliding seat system, Italian Tec



Monica and Igor from Italy decided to sell their home and buy a Unicat expedition vehicle which they now live in.  Here they give us a tour of their van.  Monica is an interior designer which is something that comes through in the design of the van!

As manufacturers attempt to get more younger families into vanlife, in this film I discuss the financial reasons why I believe it is better to rent an RV before buying one using the Knaus Boxlife as an example.


A UK website has written about the idea of starting a motorhome rental company which I believe is likely to be of interest to many readers to this site.  However I would need to point out that one needs to be very good at repairs and that the initial start up capital will not be easy to find!

The Romans passed through the Valsugana valley in Italy's Trentino along the Via Claudia Augusta road from Germany to Venice; milestones and towers are the evidence of Valsugana’s millenary history.

Abenteuer & Allrad camping

The Abenteuer & Allrad off road event was held from 31 May - 3 June at Bad Kissingen in Germany.  Whereas the event itself was really exciting, a major part of the excitement takes part away from the exhibition area and that is the campsite.  There are three campsites in general, I only got t

Here is a sentence you never thought you’d read – motor homing is now considered ‘chic.’ The new fashion for four-wheeled getaways has been fuelled by young families wanting an adventure and being deterred by the high cost of conventional holidays.


Knaus introduced new door

12 September 2018
For model year 2019, the largest portion of the Knaus Tabbert GmbH vehicles will get a new door featuring numerous improvements and unique s
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Thule Edge and Evo systems

06 September 2018
With a long heritage of industry-leading roof racks stretching back to the 1960s, Thule is a global leader in roof racks and is at the foref
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Airtronic heating range updated

31 July 2018
The second generation of the Airtronic family from Eberspaecher is a real allrounder. Whether the compact Airtronic S2 Commercial for trucks
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Do you really need a spare bed in your RV?

22 July 2018
People frequently want spare beds in their new motorhomes thinking that guests may come with them but in seven years on the road and talking
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RV tyres need replacing!

19 July 2018
According to e-tyres, the chances are your caravan tyres or motorhome tyres will need replacing long before the tread has worn down to the l
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Risk of overfilling on propane

19 July 2018
I continue arguing for refillable propane tanks for motorhomes but I came across an article from Canada where the dangers of this solution w
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